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There’s magic to do when a prince learns the true meaning of glory, love and war in Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson’s iconic and unforgettable musical masterpiece.

A major new London production of ‘Pippin’ for an ensemble cast of eight players will run for 7 weeks, staged in the round, at Charing Cross Theatre from Wednesday 30 June - Saturday 14 August.

With an infectiously unforgettable score from four-time Grammy winner, three-time Oscar winner and musical theatre giant, Stephen Schwartz, ‘Pippin’ is the story of one young man’s journey to be extraordinary. Winner of four 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival, ‘Pippin’ continues to captivate and appeal to the young at heart throughout the world.

Set in the ‘Summer of Love’ of 1967, we follow Pippin, a young prince with extraordinary dreams and aspirations on his quest to find passion, fulfilment and meaning in a joyful and life affirming revival.

Director Steven Dexter said: “‘Pippin’ opened on Broadway in October 1972, however Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson started writing an early version of the show while students at Carnegie Mellon University in 1967. Flower power was at its peak, war was raging in Vietnam and ‘Hair’ opened on Broadway. It was the year of The Summer of Love. My take on the show (which I have been lucky to direct three times before) is told by a group of hippie travellers of that time.”

A note from Stephen Schwartz...

"Pippin the musical will be fifty years old next year!  But Pippin himself remains forever youthful -- passionate, energetic, and more than a little naive, determined to solve his life and fix the world.  


Even before its Broadway premiere in 1972, Pippin began as a university project back in the late 60's, another time of social turmoil, when we young people were looking at how badly the generation that preceded us had bungled things and resolving to do better.  Yet now we find ourselves in another polarized period, and the young people of today are justifiably exasperated with my original Pippin generation.  They too may discover, as my generation did to our chagrin, that the world isn't changed as quickly and easily as we would like nor our own lives so simply solved -- but that doesn't mean we should stop trying!


That is the eternal dynamic that Pippin explores, and Steven Dexter's new pared-down production, in harking back to the time ofPippin's creation, shines a fresh and contemporary light on it.  I hope that you, the audience, whatever age you are and whatever perspective you bring to the story, will find that it resonates for you.  And may we all take from it a renewed determination to continue to search for our own "corner of the sky."  Enjoy!"